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MONSTER MAKERS: "A very entertaining evening in the theatre. You also get a little film history." - Sioux City Journal "This is a highly intelligent and compelling musical. It’s extraordinarily entertaining. The music is quite wonderful and so are the lyrics. This is again proof that if you really love something, you’ll do a good job with it, and that shows throughout this piece. It has tremendous legs — legs even longer than Frankenstein’s monster! Keep an eye out for MONSTER MAKERS. I think you are going to be delightfully surprised!” - Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio    “The movie-macabre has come, by way of the musical! Intelligent and uplifting, MONSTER MAKERS is worth the ticket to ride. Haunting melodies and fast-flowing lyrics. This triple-feature takes a uniquely individual trip through filmic horror lore!” - MR Anderson, Theatre Pizzazz    “A great, fun idea for a musical.  The songs were excellent. The general experience was one of intensity and joy.” -New York Cabaret Today
FLAMES: "It's like Alfred Hitchcock meets Edgar Allan Poe!" - Sioux City Journal  "Spellbinding!" -  "Smoldering embers of passion & interest!" - The Stage UK
PANIC: ""Dolginoff does well by Welles and Wells!" - Peter Filichia, Theatremania​. "The music is quite good. The lyrics are really sharp. A daring musical!" - Broadway Radio
THRILL ME: Drama Desk Award Nominee for Best Musical and Best Music Score. "Stephen Dolginoff's pocket musical about the Leopold and Loeb murder case lands like a well-placed punch, arresting and a bit breathtaking. Others have told the tale in plays and films, but there is something brazenly satisfying about Mr. Dolginoff's rendition. It's a reminder that evil often looks and sounds beautiful. Credit the lean approach to the storytelling." —NY Times. "Startling…Provocative…I can't get enough of this…Will keep you spellbound…THRILL ME freezes the blood and keeps you wanting more!" —NY Observer. "Stylish! With a noir attitude, THRILL ME is a two-character slice of pulp fact-fiction by intriguing storyteller Stephen Dolginoff." —NY Newsday. "A soaringly intense, propulsively melodic musical. Chillingly well-told, in all of its dark complexity." —Gannet Newspapers. "Dangerously attractive…Powerful…Dolginoff is a smart craftsman with a knack for forging arresting tunes. The robust score is feverishly crafted." —Star-Ledger. "A taut, compelling two-character musical. Stripping the event of the psychobabble that has surrounded it over the years, Dolginoff gets at the heart of it. The story sizzles." —BackStage. "Dolginoff shows that unlikely musical subject matter can be mastered if the approach is strong enough. You will be intrigued." — "A brilliant, unforgettable musical…Sends chills down the spine. Uncompromising and intoxicating." —Talkin' Broadway.
“A monster smash!”
“Dolginoff tells three “monstrously true” horror stories behind the making of landmark horror films through a combination of often witty dialogue, B-movie exaggeration and storytelling, emotional songs.”
“I’m sure like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, Monster Makers is going to grow and grow.”
"This lively little show has all the makings of a cult classic. You have been warned: buy your tickets now!"
“Dolginoff’s new musical is packed with cheeky humour, simply effective piano ballads with unpredictable melodies and characters full of passion in stories from the obscure corners of society.”
“An uproariously entertaining evening!”